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The world needs the gifts and talents of us women leaders to challenge the status quo and collectively shift to a more empowering role in society.

The Life Work Collaborative is for female leaders and entrepreneurs who want to share their brave, wise message in an engaging intimate salon setting with other women. From this place of presence and inspiration, we all rise.

Engaging life work topics are generated by our community for a dynamic experience that enriches personal and professional wellbeing and moves women to choose bravery over comfort.

This radically collaborative approach fuels personal and professional development, from both the heart and head – so participants can break through the noise and hear their own brave voice, their inner mentor and wise self.

If you are a female leader, entrepreneur or creative consultant who cares about women’s leadership and wellbeing, please apply to speak in our CO-LAB and share your journey.

Based on Boston and surrounding New England area, these collaborative events, dinner salons, workshops and mini-retreats are curated by me, Kelley Connors, and are co-hosted by partnering women’s organizations, and small businesses.

Let’s use radical collaboration to choose bravery…and rise with all women.


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