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Join a community of women leaders to begin creating career transitions and give yourself the time, space, and support to cultivate new career and work/life possibilities that matter to you!

You deserve to move through your work/life transition confidently and successfully with a supportive community.

Image by Sage Friedman

NAVIGATE THE HALLWAY will provide better support while you germinate new options and possibilities and help you more effectively create the transition that you want - without stress
associated with right and wrong thinking and self-judgment.

Very few people talk about the time and process of closing one door and finding a new one to open. In part, because each person’s experience is very personal and in part because it is not the glamourous aspect of your change experience. While many of us imagine that change will happen like a thunderbolt, and sometimes it is initiated by one – divorce, outplacement, health challenges, natural disaster, mid-life, etc. – the actual process to close a door and to open a new one always takes more time and effort than we expect, anticipate or want.

“Whenever a door closes, another one opens… it is the time in the hallway that is the bitch.”

There are many good reasons why “seeing the next door clearly” is not easy or self-evident, no
matter how sure we are that we need a change.

When we become aware that a door is closing – through our choice or not –acknowledging the “letting go” of what was takes some time and energy. Often much of our identity (how we define ourselves/how others think of us) is attached to what is being left behind. Letting go of this self-definition before we have a clear new definition leaves us a liminal, unknown, and often exceptionally uncomfortable place.

If we want/need to find a new door, create new possibilities – we have to think in new ways and try new approaches. As Einstein so clearly articulated, we can’t create new solutions with the thinking that got us to where we are today. Experimenting with new ways of thinking or looking for opportunities doesn’t feel familiar or easy. It takes more concentration, practice, and effort – because we don’t know how to do it and are doing it for the first time.

Feeling “stuck” in the hallway – a very common experience for most people in transition from one doorway to the next - raises many fears about our innate value, our abilities to control our lives and destinies, and whether a new door will ever open.
Navigating these feelings requires courage, curiosity, and patience – trusting yourself and the abundance of the universe.


Feeling alone in the hallway – most of us “hide” our transition experiences because we feel vulnerable, which makes the journey through the hallway that much more challenging. Co-journeying with others gives each of us the chance to support other women and to be supported toward finding new doors to open.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Based on spending a lot of time in the hallways with our clients, Kelley and I realized that making this process more conscious while providing concrete tools as well as mindset-shift experiences required to navigate the hallways more effectively, creatively and with less stress would be helpful to women beginning the journey at the close of professional, executive careers toward their What’s Next opportunities.

Who are the Experts?


Kelley Connors and Mary Wallace Jaensch are experienced career and life transition coaches who work with their clients to create new possibilities that are more balanced, satisfying and meaningful. 


Who is this group for?

Women who are leaning into a career change:

Women in a professional transition

Women planning for a significant change in their work/life balance

Women moving toward retirement and planning what’s next

If you can relate to any of these feelings, please consider joining Navigate:

If you are feeling that you are ready to make a change to work that is more satisfying and meaningful. NAVIGATE THE HALLWAYS is for you.

If you haven’t given yourself the time to breathe, pause and germinate new possibilities. NAVIGATE THE HALLWAYS is for you.

If your work no longer energizes you – if you are feeling bored, exhausted and angry. NAVIGATE THE HALLWAYS is for you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by a current or prospective transition. NAVIGATE THE HALLWAYS is for you.

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