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A Learning Mindset: Key to Navigate Your Career Transition

When you adapt a learning mindset to cultivate what you love, you find a path full of adventure, anticipation and discovery. And, nothing is certain but uncertainty.

It is in this discovery and learning process, especially in midlife and beyond, that transformation happens in a way that changes our lives and our work.

Transformation happens when we let go of our identity and become who we really are.

It is not easy to do alone, and this is why we are launching a community of women leaders who want to make a successful career transition for more meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Our success in midlife comes from letting go of our ego and identity that comes from our years of achievements and accomplishments.

So, the idea of being successful really has to do with who you are - not what you do. Curiosity and wellbeing are two qualities that you can cultivate, amplifying who you really are!

To learn more about our Thrive Co-Lab for women leaders, come join us on May 15th at 1 pm EST for a FREE immersive learning webinar with other women leaders. We will gather and share our tips on how we "Activate Our Learning Mindset".

In our community, you'll connect with a community of like-minded women leaders. Here's the link for the FREE webinar where you'll start to learn more about this community of inspiring women leaders! Join us!


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