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Meditating in Nature

Heart Sparks

Are you ready for joy and fulfillment in your life’s work? 


You’re invited to experience Heart Sparks, an evidence-based coaching experience empowered by joy.  It's called Heart Sparks® because it's a potent way to connect head and heart and tune in to what really matters to you. This provides a pathway to clarity and less stress, which can expand your possibilities.

 It is a 15-minute evidence-based practice beginning with relaxation, breath work and guided meditation and ending with three journal prompts.  Each session is different and offers a pathway to wisdom, self-compassion, and clarity.

This coaching + mindfulness approach will help you move from constrained and stressed, to calm and expanded, so you can free your mind, imagine your future  - and gain the insight necessary to make inspired action steps.

Heart Sparks components are a guided meditation + journal prompts + insights.  This combination expands what’s possible for you in your life or work. 

It is never too late to reignite, reset and renew your life’s work…for joy and fulfillment.