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Reignite Your Life's Work

A Catalyst for joy + fulfillment in challenging times.

What's keeping you from your best life's work ?

As a woman leader or entrepreneur, you may be seeking a transition between jobs or you're at a crossroads in your life's work.  You may be experiencing loss from a change in circumstance or identity. It's only natural that in challenging times,  you might experience a conflicting range of emotions like:


  • fear of not succeeding, but hamstrung by a tyranny of expectations after years of success

  • ashamed for not working at this stage but worrying about how you're not moving forward

  • unsure how to achieve the pinnacle of your career but unmotivated in your process

  • discouraged by how much effort it takes to change gears into something new

  • lonely and isolated but want to connect with inspiring women who light you up?

2-Day Reignite Online Retreat + 3-month Coaching and Conversations


Join a small group of women leaders for 3 months and give yourself the time and space to cultivate new insights so you can reignite your life’s work…and thrive.


You deserve to move through your work transition with self-compassion and the focus you need to reap the benefits of your efforts. 

Image by Xavier von Erlach