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Do you answer your colleague’s request for a meeting with “Gee, I’m really busy now”.

Over time, this well-worn answer may be simply a reflexive way of thinking about your work. When we’re too busy “doing” and getting off the hamster wheel seems impossible, try these self-leadership tips.

My own self-leadership story has proven to me that it is possible to shift out of busy and focus on your goals that matter. This requires setting aside time for self-reflection and I've taken time for journaling to do so. For you, your newly discovered goals may be getting more engaged donors, finding a more fulfilling job, generating more influence or identifying a crop of new ideal customers. As for me, my goal was to write a guide book for women leaders based on the science of positive psychology and my own experience as a business strategist and life work coach.

1.Self-Reflect, Stop and Start:

Take ten minutes in the morning with your coffee and get your journal and pen. It does take some self-reflection around what’s most important to you. When you know what your purpose is and what’s most important to you in that context (like freedom, security, belonging, leading, etc), then you can actually notice when certain relationships or activities are “energy-draining”. We can’t get rid of mundane tasks, but we can use our time to focus on what is most important for your life’s work. Are you ready to stop doing those misaligned activities to focus on what is going to light you and your life’s work up? My book was a beginning...