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This time of year is a warm and friendly reminder of who I am.

I am a Scorpio, love water, and the flow of country rivers and crashing waves. Each weekend, in social distancing, my husband and I have visited some of the most beautiful New England beaches that have made my heart sing. From this vantage point, I can feel my mission in my body mind.

When you remember who you are, you have an amazing opportunity to connect with your essential nature. The feeling of connection grounds you and makes you whole again, or at least gives you the chance to re-connect with those parts of you that have been cut off – as a result of your life’s work more challenging and fearful times.

Remembering who you are is the place to source for purpose, mission and ultimately your personal brand. Even if you think you already know your essential nature, my upcoming guided journey will open up a wider vista for you, releasing unknown constraints that narrow your view, and keep you locked in to a fixed way of thinking.

The opportunity for you is August 6-7th for two hours each day. During this guided journey & mini-retreat “Amplify Your Brand”, I take you on a quest to unleash your curiosity, spark your heart and connect with your essential nature and reclaim your purpose. Along the way, you will gain the tools to KNOW & BE your personal brand. And, as homework there will be an “integration exercise” you can do to bring our work together alive even more.

Covid-19 is challenging as it stirs up a new version of reality… but it need not get rid of the dreams for manifesting your life’s work. We can move toward a new future, regardless of the circumstances as long as you know your “why” – a space for possibility.

This summertime virtual retreat is a perfect personal and professional renewal gift for yourself…in these challenging times. So, get out your calendar and give yourself the space and time to join me on this inspirational journey on August 6-7th.

If you are interested in bringing a friend to experience this guided journey and mini-retreat on August 6-7th, you can join us FREE. (There will be some new pearls for you so you can move forward from the June mini-retreat.)

Please stay in touch and begin to ask yourself, how can I reignite my life’s work with courage and clarity?

Let’s go there together!


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