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“Your business should solve the problem that you are uniquely positioned to perceive in the world.” – from The Intelligent Entrepreneur

We are all unique and see the world in a way that comes from our own story. At a certain point in your life, this story motivates you because it is woven in to who you are..which is inseparable from your life's work or business venture.

For example, if you are working hard to take care of your elderly parents, and believe in a better way of caring for them, it may spark an idea that you feel needs exploring among caregiving organizations. If you have an influencer you are connected to, this can spark a new or initial conversation worth having as you network.

The key question to ask and have a direction on is this: What is the problem you are uniquely positioned to perceive in the world? What have you experienced in your life that moves you to engage or participate in a new solution? If so, you have a story that supports your unique perception. This is a fascinating conversation to have with other women, at the intersection of life work coaching and business strategy.

After 20 years in the advertising and PR agency world serving healthcare clients, I can say with confidence that I was always an advocate for women’s health and wellbeing. If you ask anyone of my colleagues or clients they will agree that my “why” has been firmly planted in empowering women to be their own best health and wellbeing advocate. Over the years, my “how” and “what” have evolved from public relations to strategic marketing to advocacy and life work coaching. This me, my personal mission and my professional view… and I am thrilled to get to know you and share what I’m building.

My life story around making a brave move without perfection is here on my website for you to learn more about!

Please connect with me via email or on LinkedIn to explore this intersection between business and life work coaching!


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