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Conscious Change
What You Need to Know

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” - Victor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning


What is Conscious Change?

Conscious change is an intentional way of gaining more meaning and fulfillment during periods of change.  By becoming more intentional and aware during change, you have the opportunity to act with greater agency and to redirect  the way you move forward more effectively and successfully.


Can Conscious Change be useful in other types of life changes and transitions?

Absolutely.  Conscious change is a set of tools and approaches that increase a person’s confidence and capabilities to make change with a higher probability of getting to outcomes that are satisfying and fulfilling.


What will I experience in the workshop?

A compassionate and dynamic teaching style that helps participants reflect on their own journey, and gain insights that they can integrate from the workshop learnings into their everyday life.


How does making a career change with conscious change differ from traditional approaches to job and career counseling?

Career counseling often primarily focuses on what you want to do… even if that is not clear to you as you may be clearer about what you don’t want than what you do. Conscious change focuses on how you want to feel when you have successfully navigated a career redirection helping you to cultivate many new possibilities more easily and confidently.


How is the workshop structured?

It is a half day workshop with two main components: Wellbeing Workshop to help participants move from coping and surviving to thriving.  This is followed by Creating a New Narrative: A Story for a New Future.  Each session will include tools and content as well as the chance to practice these tools to begin to shape your own change experience for the better.


Is this a mental health approach to job change? 

We believe that conscious and confident change is a healthy approach in today’s world. However, we are not mental health professionals.


What tools and content will the Confident Change Workshop offer?

Our signature “journey map” is an effective path to engage and inspire participants.  It helps you gain insights into the most essential factors that will drive greater fulfillment and satisfaction for you.  Key exercises blend deeper insight into developing wellbeing tools that provide the energy and resilience helpful during times of change with the opportunity to rethink your personal narrative – the new stories that you tell yourself which can open up new possibilities more easily.


What are the workshop outcomes and what will change for me?

We help participants navigate through change more consciously and confidently and address the typical fear, stress and worry of change.  The desired outcome is a redirection of energy for more fulfillment, meaning and purpose as they navigate change.


Do the participants have to be currently employed?

No, participants must have a level of accomplishment in the workforce, with more than ten years of experience.

Join Kelley Connors and Mary Wallace Jaensch with Other Women Leaders for 
  "Make Changes with More Confidence",
a Half-Day Workshop for Women Leaders

Kelley Connors and Mary Wallace Jaensch will facilitate a Make Changes with More Confidence Workshop that provides two essential skills for greater agency to move through change more confidently and successfully. 







Like every journey, good preparation can determine your ability to turn uncertainty of what is next into what works best for you.


  • Learn how to deepen and direct your self-care and well-being to provide the energy and resilience to move through change more effectively.

  • Learn how to create your new narrative to shape the outcomes you desire through change more effectively.

  • Learn how to turn uncertainty of what is next into what works best for you.

Give yourself a half-day of confidence and new skills building to create your most amazing "What’s Next"!



Kelley Connors, MPH

Life Work Coach

Mary Wallace Jaensch, MBA

Chief Design Officer

 Our signature “journey map” is an effective path to engage and inspire you in this workshop. 

It helps you gain insights into the most essential factors that will drive greater fulfillment and satisfaction for you. 


Image by Xavier von Erlach

Learn from other dynamic women leaders who've made a conscious change in their life or work

Who are Kelley and Mary?

Kelley Connors  is the founder of KC Well,  a coaching and communications consulting practice for women leaders. She has a background in healthcare, marketing and communications.  She has been mentoring and coaching women leaders for over two decades both in a corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.  Her mission as a life-work coach is to support women leaders as they expand their capacity for fulfillment and move out of their comfort zone for greater joy and purpose.


​Grounded in the science of positive psychology, and mind body medicine,  Kelley has a Master's in Public Health from Boston University.  She made three major fulfilling career shifts in her life's work overseas and in the U.S. 

Mary Wallace Jaensch is the founder of Last Big Gig LLC, and a seasoned corporate executive and entrepreneur. Her passion is to support successful, seasoned women leaders to design inspiring professional What's Nexts, at every stage of their career. She has created new directions several times in her career, from corporate marketer to innovation consultant for Fortune 500 companies to VC-backed entrepreneur to career advisor. Each time, she designed an opportunity that offered a great living, and incorporated her skills and talents for more satisfaction and fulfillment.  


She earned her MBA at Yale School of Management.


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